Published on : 16, Sep 2013

Managed Service Provider Uses ElastiStor to Roll Out New SLA-Based Offerings for Enterprise Customers

Cupertino, Calif., September 16, 2013 : CloudByte, the first company to guarantee quality of service (QoS) to every application from a shared storage platform, announced today ElastiStor 1.2, the upgraded version of its software-defined storage solution built to support a wide variety of storage hardware and deliver optimized performance across all-SSD, all-HDD and hybrid storage platforms. CloudByte will demonstrate ElastiStor in the Emerging Technology Showcase at Storage Decisions New York, September 16-17, 2013. The same week, on September 16, Felix Xavier, the company’s founder and CTO, will present a session called called “Hosting Performance-Sensitive Applications in the Cloud with Software-Defined Storage” at SNIA’s 10th Annual Storage Developer Conference.

With this release, CloudByte takes a big step forward in optimizing performance for hybrid storage platforms, including all-SSD pools. Performance and QoS management are now tuned, tested, and certified for SSD arrays. Storage administrators can now migrate data seamlessly from other vendors by using the ElastiStor management console. Other new capabilities include SAS multipathing, enrichments in QoS provisioning and enhanced HA failover support for Fiber Channel protocol.

CloudByte also announced that Netmagic, a datacenter infrastructure lifecycle management company, has selected CloudByte ElastiStor to deliver guaranteed storage performance to its enterprise customers.

“We are excited to be in a position to offer our customers unprecedented performance guarantees along with the affordability and elasticity expected from our cloud solutions. CloudByte ElastiStor provides us with a unified storage solution that delivers guaranteed quality of service, agility and flexibility in provisioning and tenant isolation to host performance applications in our public cloud – SimpliCloud,” said Shriranga Mulay, SVP of Engineering, Netmagic. “CloudByte QoS capabilities with absolutely no proprietary lock-in is a key element in allowing us to easily custom-build and scale our infrastructure. An added benefit has been our access to the considerable expertise of the CloudByte team, which is on the cutting edge of innovation. We are confident that this will bring added value to our customers in the future as we strive to maintain and expand on our position as the first datacenter infrastructure lifecycle management company in India.”

“ElastiStor emerged as a clear winner in Netmagic’s extensive evaluation process, as they tested various storage solutions,” said Felix Xavier, CloudByte’s founder and CTO. “With ElastiStor, Netmagic can now provide on-demand elastic storage volumes to any enterprise workload from a multi-tenant shared storage platform, while making the most cost-efficient and flexible use of its storage resources. We are pleased to help them deliver the best services to their enterprise customers.”

To see what other customers, partners and industry experts are saying about CloudByte, view this short video done at VMworld 2013: A free perpetual license of the CloudByte full-featured storage software for up to 4 TB of storage can be downloaded at