Published on : 19, Nov 2012

CloudByte enables enterprises and CSPs to deliver on-demand, tailored storage performance to every application within their shared storage infrastructure, overcoming the key limitation of legacy solutions

Bangalore, November19, 2012CloudByte today announced its distributor partnership with Kryptos, the pioneer in introducing subscription-based, on-demand IT solutions from industry leaders like Microsoft, VMware, and Citrix. Kryptos will distribute CloudByte’s recently launched ElastiStor 1.0 in the Indian and Asian markets, where it has access to over 500 leading service providers.

“We are delighted to offer CloudByte’s next-generation storage technology to our customers, as it provides them with the key missing piece in building a fully virtualized datacenter and delivering on the true promise of the cloud. CloudByte replaces fragmented storage in datacenters with a single extensible storage platform and makes on-demand storage provisioning possible – both in terms of capacity and performance,” said Prasanna, CEO, Kryptos. “We’ve had significant success in envisioning the shift towards on-demand IT solutions and prioritizing on delivering these to the service providers. We are now placing a similar bet on CloudByte’s next-generation storage technology and based on our early interactions, we are confident of repeating our success.”

CloudByte delivers tailored storage performance to every application within shared storage infrastructure, overcoming the key limitation of legacy solutions. An industry first, this capability enables applications with different workload characteristics to now share a single storage platform, eliminating the need for any storage fragmentation in both enterprise datacenters and service provider datacenters. Together with linear scaling, storage can now be deployed as a single extensible platform, drastically cutting down storage TCO and management overhead. Further, CloudByte empower service providers to truly differentiate themselves by offering on-demand storage– in terms of capacity, IOPS, throughput and latency – an industry first!

“Following our ElastiStor product launch last month, we have seen tremendous early interest from enterprises and service providers in India, Asia-Pac, Western Europe, and the US. By having an industry-leading distributor like Kryptos sign up with us within 30-days of our product launch, we can now expedite conversions of this early interest into customer adoptions,” said Srivibhavan Balaram, CEO, CloudByte. “This partnership also validates our belief in the need for a better solution to the current problem of storage fragmentation, as Kryptos is well positioned to obtain in-depth insights about the storage solution dynamics.”

About Kryptos

Kryptos is a pioneer in bringing software on usage based Pay-as-you-Go model to India. The company has been in the distribution business from 2006. Today, Kryptos manages all the leading principals Hosting Business in India, Sri Lanka & Bangladesh. All Kryptos partners have access to use Microsoft, VMware, Citrix, Parallels products on a Pay-as-you-Go model. Kryptos Provides end to end business enablement for their partners to be successful in their business. Today Kryptos is synonymous with usage based Pay-as-you-Go in south-east Asia, including India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. Kryptos has a dedicated 300 plus partners who have been using the usage based Pay-as-you-Go model in their infrastructure. Kryptos is headquartered in Chennai, with branches in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and Singapore. Kryptos Intellectual capital is well trained on hosting & cloud business enabling to support its partners. Please visit us at