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CloudByte                                               Newsletter – April 2014
Netmagic Moves Into Production with CloudByte

Netmagic Solutions was facing the threat of losing market share for storage services to services provided by industry leaders such as Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS’ ability to provide performance tiers and usage-based pricing model required a competitive response.

Netmagic’s response: India’s first software defined storage service, Netmagic Tiered Secure Storage (NTSS). NTSS provides metered IOPS for customers’ mission-critical applications. NTSS offers performance guarantees, a pay-as-you-use model, and complete end-to-end security previously only possible on dedicated storage.

With NTSS, Netmagic will be able to move into new markets as well as compete more effectively in their existing markets. More information can be found in the Netmagic Success Story and in an  Information Week article.

“CloudByte enables us to out-compete anyone with the power and flexibility of our storage services as well as our price performance.”

Shriranga Mulay
Senior Vice President
IT Engineering

2014 Cloud Computing Award
CloudByte won in the Best Infrastructure category, see our press release.
ESG Lab Review
Validates that our selectable performance really works, see the report.
V1.3 Released
Improves end user visibility into metrics and real-time capabilities, see the press release.
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