Jan 2017

Storage QoS is a Must-Have. Now, What?

We’ve been talking about it and now the experts

Six features to look for in your storage QoS solution:

  1. Guaranteed QoS to every application within a shared storage platform
    The defining feature of “Storage QoS” solutions, it obviates the need for storage silos in a datacenter. This capability allows QoS to be affordably delivered and scaled to thousands of applications.
  2. Automated resource allocation to enforce QoS policies
    Hardwiring storage IOPS/throughput is no longer feasible with a rapid increase in number of applications. Admins should be able provision or change performance for any application, on-demand.
  3. Zero proprietary lock-in and hardware flexibility
    It’s now easy to avoid expensive proprietary lock-ins with the emergence of software-only solutions. Further, ensure that you can flexibly choose any storage device (SATA, SAS, SSD) based on your workload demands, especially with the hyperbole around “all-flash” architectures.
  4. Standard storage features for security, reliability and efficiency
    The new solutions should atleast match, if not exceed, the capabilities offered by legacy solutions in high availability (HA), disaster recovery (DR), backup, thin provisioning, de-duplication and data compression.
  5. Centralized management with granular analytics
    Storage admins deserve a break too! Admins should be able to easily provision, monitor and manage storage across multiple sites, clusters, accounts and volumes from a single console.
  6. Certified and ready to integrate with virtualized environments
    Wouldn’t it be great to provision/manage storage for your VMs from your vCenter console?
    Given the relevance of QoS solutions for virtualized environments, this one’s a no brainer!

Top 10 Reasons to Deploy CloudByte ElastiStor OS

With an endless amount of storage solutions to choose from, this guide will show you why CloudByte ElastiStor reigns over its competitors.

  1. You will never pay for more storage than necessary.

    Now you are able to design your storage based on the expected peak value for IOPS so you will never overprovision again.

  2. The noisy neighbor issue is solved with guaranteed QoS.

    Apply the QoS policy to your storage workload by choosing a lower limit and an upper limit for your IOPS, bandwidth, and latency. This prevents one customer’s workload from impacting other customers, thus resolving the noisy neighbor issue.

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Dec 2016

Come visit us at VMworld 2015

Come to booth #2537

CloudByte Inc, the world’s first provider of containerized storage is looking forward to meeting
you at VMworld 2015, San Francisco.

An appliance that can deliver 1 million IOPS

Come see our newly released ESA-A1000 that is capable of delivering 1 million IOPS with an effective capacity of 1.0PB all within a 7U space requirement. Whether you are a Cloud Service Provider or an Enterprise, find out how the appliance is right for you.

Meet with a CloudByte Storage expert

For more insight and information on the trend setting Containerized Storage or our new all-flash appliances, we can schedule a one-on-one with our Storage Gurus. Now,hurry and choose your convenient time slot at
Hurry before slots are filled.

Also find us making an impression at the SanDisk and Micron booths. See how the CloudByte-SanDisk combination has enabled the former to take enterprise storage virtualization to the next level and guarantee every application in a shared storage.

Let’s have some fun

Do you see a fun element missing? How about a dartboard, and some M&Ms to munch on while you have a conversation with our Storage experts?

Try your luck

We are sure all these sound interesting. But are you worried it is too late that you bought a ticket? Nah! We have a solution for that as well. Enter your luck to win a free conference pass with our VMworld raffle.We are waiting to see you soon.

Give new dimensions to your Storage using CloudByte ElastiStor

If I were to tell you that I am writing about another “NEW” Storage product, I know most of you would feel that it is just a waste of time reading any further. So many of these so called Storage products or appliances exist already and have nothing substantially different to offer than their predecessors.

Let me start by saying that like any other Storage appliance, CloudByte ElastiStor too does all the “must do things” required to run your business. What I would really like to highlight are the offerings that are unique to this product and how this suits an enterprise or a Cloud business much better that the ones we know of.

For long, Storage administrators have been made to believe that Storage is supposed to give you nothing more than some space to store your data (and that’s about it). So, if one wanted to store 100GB of data, the Storage box gives you a 100GB LUN and you dump data into this LUN. Majority of the innovation in Storage has been around putting some data protection and migration goodies around this 100GB LUN (from example). However, with the advent of Cloud and with more and more people preferring to move in to Cloud for various reasons, the Storage box is expected do more than that traditional stuff. Read more »


Nov 2015

CloudByte and SanDisk Deliver All-Flash Software-Defined Storage

CloudByte has recently stretched the upper end of the all flash array market by introducing the ESA-A1000. The new all-flash array is comprised of CloudByte’s containerized software-defined storage solution, ElastiStor OS, and SanDisk’s all-flash array, InfiniFlash. The combination of the powerful duo is capable of delivering 1 million IOPS with an effective capacity of 2PB all within a 7U space requirement. This news has been shaking up the storage industry and has posed the question of how buyers will react to this new technology when compared to ordinary all-flash arrays.

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Nov 2015

CloudByte extends partnership with SanDisk, delivers next generation all-flash appliances

CloudByte ElastiStor Appliances (ESA) in combination with SanDisk InfiniFlash system guarantee storage performance. With an effective capacity of 2PB, ESA-A1000 delivers storage for up to 1000 applications in a single system for both Cloud Service Providers and Enterprises.


For more insights on the CloudByte and SanDisk partnership, read our Press Release.


Oct 2015

Top 10 Reasons to Deploy CloudByte ElastiStor OS

With an endless amount of storage solutions to choose from, this guide will show you why CloudByte ElastiStor reigns over its competitors.

1. You will never pay for more storage than necessary.

Now you are able to design your storage based on the expected peak value for IOPS so you will never overprovision again. Read more »


Oct 2015

CloudByte at Oracle OpenWorld 2014

Oracle OpenWorld 2014 is here!! Stop by booth #2408 in Moscone South and discover how CloudByte integrates seamlessly with Oracle.

CloudByte Oracle solution

  • CloudByte Oracle solution assures guaranteed performance for all transaction workloads.
  • ElastiStor assures guaranteed storage performance for database online transaction processing (OLTP) and online analytical processing (OLAP).
  • ElastiStor supports your Oracle databases with high availability, data protection, inline deduplication, and compression – all of which can be easily configured and managed using an intuitive centralized management console.

Live demo of the ESA-A100 Appliance

Learn how our all Flash ElastiStor Appliance ESA-A100 enables enterprises to run multiple applications in a single storage with guaranteed performance.

CloudByte’s innovative ElastiStor Appliance enables IT department to instantly create Virtual Storage Machines (VSMs) like VMs in the server world. Each Virtual Storage Machine (VSM) delivers guaranteed storage performance. This allows enterprises to run many applications on a single storage platform and results in improvement of storage utilization by 5x.


May 2015

Patch 3 released for CloudByte ElastiStor 1.4

Hey All,
Today, CloudByte announced the release of Patch 3 for ElastiStor. This post summarizes the updates from the release.

What’s new in Patch 3

Hardware-based encryption/ Support for self-encrypting drives (SEDs)
The current release of ElastiStor introduces a hardware-level disk encryption by supporting the self-encrypting drives. Encryption workload is moved to the drive instead of the processor. This improves system performance.

Space reclamation
On deletion of files on the Client filesystems (Ext4/NTFS), you can reclaim space on the thin provisioned iSCSI LUNs. This is achieved by supporting the SCSI UNMAP CDB. To know how to enable the feature, see Enabling space reclamation feature.

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Apr 2015

CloudByte Releases Community Edition 1.4 Patch 2

Today we released a second update to our enterprise storage for virtualization software that includes a free, full featured 25 TB Community Edition License. CloudByte ElastiStor Version 1.4 Patch 2 is now available for download or for upgrade.

With hundreds of downloads and mountains of email, we have implemented many of the suggestions in this latest release. We have improved overall performance, sped up HA failover, and increased the overall look and feel of our single pane of glass management console, ElastiCenter.

If we haven’t incorporated one of your suggestions, have no fear, our team is hard at work looking through all of the great ideas. As always, thank you for downloading the Community Edition and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out here, through our support portals, or give us a call.