Why Our Storage Software Products Uniquely Solve Customer Problems

CloudByte is storage software done right – with unique capabilities not found either in legacy storage or in legacy storage alternatives.

Dynamically Selectable Performance

To combat noisy neighbor applications that can consume excessive resources, legacy storage products either over-provision or allocate dedicated strings of hardware to applications or end user groups to provide relatively stable levels of performance.

In contrast, CloudByte eliminates noisy neighbor problems by providing each and every application and tenant with its agreed-upon performance levels. Rather than being set in stone, performance can be bumped up dynamically during key periods, such as end of quarter for the Finance team. This capability provides predictable performance even on a shared infrastructure.

Unified Storage

Legacy storage products typically dedicate a storage array or string to each networking protocol. These silos of storage are highly inefficient since each must have reserve capacity, dedicated networking, and different operational procedures.

CloudByte creates a unified storage pool from any mix of storage drives, such as SAS, SATA, and Flash. This pool appears to servers as CIFS, NFS, Fibre Channel, and Direct Attach Storage. This capability not only eliminates inefficient silos but also streamlines operational needs.

Effortless Scaling

To provide additional performance or capacity, legacy storage products typically scale up via a forklift replacement of older gear with new, higher-capacity hardware. This process is disruptive to operations, highly risky, and expensive.

Taking an entirely different approach, CloudByte scales out simply by adding more storage drives to a storage pool. Since the storage pool is part of a storage cluster, a physical site, or a group of sites, the storage drive is immediately usable. This capability enables scale from a workgroup up to cloud volumes easily and without disruption.

Efficient Management

Legacy storage products typically have enterprise, midlevel, and entry product lines, each with their own management console. Often, products within the product line have a dedicated console as well. The net effect is inefficient and laborious management.

CloudByte provides a single storage management console with delegated administration capabilities. Administrators can be set up with overall, with storage site, or with department or customer authority. These capabilities not only enable each group to be self-sufficient and more responsive to their own needs but also provide efficient management for all sizes of organizations.


Lacking capabilities to truly isolate applications and tenants from each other, legacy storage vendors typically rely on physical isolation of storage silos for security. However, physical isolation is difficult to maintain at anything less than prohibitive cost.

CloudByte’s patented technology provides complete isolation of storage boundaries for each application and tenant. This approach thoroughly negates any potential threats of data snooping and corruption, even in cloud environments.

Performance Analytics

Put simply, legacy storage products at most have analytics from the storage network level down to the storage drive. Some require insertion of special monitoring hardware for this visibility. Since each silo of storage uses its own monitoring system, it’s difficult to get an overall perspective of performance.

By instrumenting our software, CloudByte provides built-in analytics from the application down to the storage drive. These rich analytics enable not only overall visibility but also granular optimizations for each end user or application.

Commodity Hardware

Legacy and even some newer storage alternatives run on proprietary hardware or utilize proprietary storage or networking protocols. Since each company is the sole vendor for that technology, they are free to establish their own pricing schemes.

CloudByte runs on commodity hardware sourced from a broad array of manufacturers. By utilizing commodity hardware, we enable our customers to leverage the latest technologies almost immediately upon release, maximize flexibility to address their business needs, and minimize costs across the board.

Fully Interoperable

Legacy storage environments typically do not interoperate with other vendor’s hardware and software. Many legacy storage alternatives do not work with virtualization environments or open approaches.

Being engineered from the ground up for interoperability, CloudByte is fully certified with both VMware and Citrix. CloudByte products are also fully integrated with OpenStack and CloudStack. For full integration into customer, service provider, and partner environments, CloudByte also provides a rich REST API.



More Information

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