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Utilities that enable full integration and interoperation among virtualization environments, cloud stacks, applications, and distributed ElastiStorâ„¢ storage nodes

Introducing CloudByte Plug-ins

CloudByte Plug-ins combine drop-in ease with powerful storage availability, resilience, and integration capabilities. The full array of plug-ins provides the majority of functionality found in enterprise-class legacy storage product integrations but without their typical implementation timelines and costs. Further, these plug-ins enable efficient interoperation among virtualization and stack environments, breaking down storage silos.

Certifications and Interoperability

  • Apache CloudStack
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • OpenStack
  • VMware vCenter

For more support-related information, refer to the CloudByte Hardware Compatibility List (HCL)

With OpenStack and CloudStack integration, ElastiStor is the perfect fit for SAN cloud storage. The RMSQL plug-in provides MSSQL application consistent snapshots.



Plug-ins provide integration and interoperation with virtualization environments, cloud stacks, and applications. Plug-ins are available for:

VMware vCenter The Plug-in allows admins to create and manage performance-selectable VMs in real time right from the vCenter console.

Apache CloudStack The Plug-in allows storage provisioning and management in real time right from CloudStack.

OpenStack The Plug-in allows storage provisioning and management in real time right from OpenStack.

Microsoft SQL Server The Plug-in provides application-consistent snapshots for Microsoft SQL Server databases.