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CloudByte ESA storage architecture leverages SanDisk flash memory technology to accelerate data access and improve quality of service for the customers. The CloudByte Appliance employing SanDisk’s InfiniFlash storage systems/solid state drives for primary storage and hybrid solutions extends server virtualization to the storage component. This enables easy scalability and performance endurance and allows clients to effectively use higher throughput and IOPS.

The newly released ESA-A1000 featuring SanDisk all-flash InfiniFlash IF100 provides enterprise-level storage and is capable of delivering 1 million IOPS with an effective capacity of 1PB, all within a 7U space requirement. The combination provides high density in the storage layer to support multiple applications, which translates into a reduced data center footprint.


CloudByte is an OEM Partner with Dell. CloudByte builds and markets Cloud storage solutions based on the proven reliability, performance, and leading-edge capabilities of the entire Dell product line.


CloudByte works with HP to qualify its broad range of IT components for innovative Cloud solutions.


CloudByte supports PMC-Sierra’s components in a broad range of innovative Cloud solutions.


CloudByte is a Seagate Cloud Builder Alliance partner. CloudByte develops and delivers innovative Cloud products and solutions based on Seagate products and technologies. Leveraging Seagate’s storage drives, CloudByte solutions provide the capacity, reliability, and performance required for enterprise-grade Clouds. In addition to Seagate products, Seagate and Cloudbyte work together to understand changing and evolving market needs, and collaborate on solutions that meet customer challenges not only today, but in the future.


CloudByte builds and markets Cloud storage solutions that leverage Supermicro’s technologies and enterprise-grade capabilities.


CloudByte supports Toshiba’s components in a broad range of innovative Cloud solutions.


CloudByte builds custom solutions based on Data-on’s storage devices.


CloudByte is a Micron Valued Partner. CloudByte uses Micron SATA SSDs to delivers innovative cloud-based storage products and solutions.