Work at CloudByte

Our vision is to be the leader in cloud storage technology. We are re-architecting storage to make it more intelligent, software-defined, and ready for both public and private clouds. We’re looking for passionate, creative and entrepreneurial people to help us.


We strive to be the best in what we do. Being an innovator, it is imperative that we stay at the forefront of storage technology, pick the right problems, and solve them efficiently.




We encourage every employee to question our current practices and carve a new path to realize CloudByte’s vision. The bolder, the better.


We pledge to meet our professional commitments to all internal and external stakeholders. We admit when we’re wrong and follow through when we’re right

“Having worked in large corporates for nearly a decade, CloudByte gave me a new lease of life. It is exciting (and terrifying!) to move away from incremental enhancements to solving the most intricate problems in storage space. I am constantly amazed at how much our team achieves every day.”
- Former Novell employee
“It’s a fantastic opportunity for me to work on the unsolved, challenging problems in datacenter space. Working at CloudByte has been refreshing as I get to expand my horizons beyond dev work to marketing and business development. Honestly, the breadth of learning is so astonishing that it’s quite hard to keep up – and, that’s the fun part!”
- Former NetApp employee


We ensure free flow of information across the organization. We believe informed people make better decisions and have a greater impact.

Respect for the Individual

We respect every individual and keep our interactions professional and respectful. We focus on ideas and how to move forward, rather than blaming an individual.

“I couldn’t have asked for a better start to my career! I appreciate the opportunity to work and collaborate with senior executives, who readily listen to my ideas and appreciate my efforts. A big thank you to everyone here for being nurturing, motivating, and above all, respectful.”
- Recent graduate
“Work is super fun at CloudByte! I get to work with amazing self-motivated people, explore and learn new stuff. We’ve a very flat organization which allows me to express myself freely, right from scheduling my work to organizing amazing parties.”
- Former Yahoo employee

Do you have the right stuff?

We are always open to recruiting talented individuals – whether we have a formal position to fill or not. To see how you could fit with our team*, please contact us.