Apr 2014

How CSP / MSPs can thrive amidst Amazon, Google, and Azure price wars


There has been quite a lot of attention to the service provider price wars recently. Yesterday, Microsoft Azure slashed prices by 65% for its storage services to compete with recent price decreases from Amazon and Google (see PCWorld article). In a Microsoft blog, Steven Martin, Microsoft general manager for Azure, states that ”While price is important, and something that will continue to grab headlines, there are three key factors at play in cloud computing: innovation, price, and quality. Innovation and quality will prove far more important than commoditization of compute and storage. Vendors will ultimately extol their track records for building and running services far more than their prices and SLAs.”

So, how can Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) and Managed Service Providers (MSPs) survive much less thrive in this environment? The answer is simple: implement CloudByte storage software on top of industry standard x86 hardware. CloudByte enables:

  • Innovation in terms of storage services that can be created and delivered to market segments.
  • Quality in terms of building enterprise-grade storage clouds for public or private use.
  • Price in terms of utilizing commodity hardware and leveraging existing resources as-is such as Ethernet networking gear.
In fact, a CloudByte customer, Netmagic, has achieved all this and more. Netmagic can now confidently outcompete industry leaders based on both functionality and price. See our Netmagic success story for more information!


Feb 2014

CloudByte helps India’s leading Service Provider to launch EBS equivalent service


It is a great feeling to see CloudByte innovation in the working. Netmagic today announced their new Storage Service (NTSS) that helps their customers to easily provision, manage the storage in EBS style. Glad to see the trend of growing demand for IOPS based storage rather than just the capacity based.

See more at Netmagic’s announcement


Sep 2013

CloudByte shows that innovative cloud storage is ready today – at VMworld 2013


CloudByte was proud to join in the ‘journey to the cloud’ in the new innovator pavilion at VMWorld this year. A tiring but exhilarating week was filled with demonstrations of ElastiStor and discussions with customers, service providers and partners alike.

The week kicked off with the exciting announcement of the CloudByte Channel Partner program which will help our partners to maximize revenue and profitable growth potential through the provision of joint marketing and selling efforts. Take the leap with us to innovating true cloud storage – it can be done today!

Of particular interest in the discussions was the way in which ElastiStor allows service providers to offer new services and enterprise IT teams to drastically lower their storage costs. The resulting cost-effective scalability and guaranteed application performance within a shared storage platform is what cloud and virtualized customers came looking for.

Take a look behind the scenes and experience it with us:



Aug 2013

Accelerated Global Growth and A New India Office!


From the clichéd founder’s garage to a brand new 6000 square-foot R&D facility in India, it has been an exhilarating ride for all of us at CloudByte. Along the way, we’ve shifted our headquarters to the US, raised a couple of rounds of funding, won prestigious international awards, hired our new CEO and most importantly, secured critical customer and partner wins!

Fittingly, our expanded R&D office was inaugurated today by Ravi Gururaj, chairman of the NASSCOM product council and a cheerleader for our disruptive technology and Shubha Ramnath, director of IT services, Citrix, an early adopter of CloudByte ElastiStor.

Ravi Gururaj and Shubha Ramnath at Inaugural Party

Our engineering team has now doubled to 50 employees and I can proudly claim that they will be scripting the future of storage from this new office. In addition to expanded seating space, the new office also includes dedicated lab environments for remote testing and use by our customers and partners. We’re also in the process of setting up a similar lab in our US office, for faster access to our North American customers.

Dedicated Lab Environments at CloudByte

In his welcome address to our new employees, Ravi Gururaj said “You are joining a terrific, passionate, young at heart, innovative team. I have enjoyed watching them from the sidelines growing from strength to strength over the past 2 years. Rest assured this will be a very fun and hopefully very rewarding role for all of you!” Well, we couldn’t have articulated it better.

Ravi Gururaj talks about his startup experience

I welcome all CloudByte stakeholders and well-wishers to join me in raising a toast to our new growth phase!

Raul Rai (Fidelity), Ravi Gururaj (chairman of the NASSCOM product council), and Shubha Ramnath (Citrix)

- Srivibhavan Balaram



Jul 2013

Come and meet us at VMworld 2013!


We’re excited to announce our participation in VMworld 2013, where we will be showcasing CloudByte ElastiStor, the first software defined storage solution to guarantee QoS to every application from a shared storage platform. We will be demonstrating ElastiStor and how it seamlessly fits into your cloud and virtualization environments.

Meet us at the innovator pavilion to see how you can:

  • Provision storage QoS-aware VMs from vCenter
  • Configure IOPS-based storage tiers
  • Guarantee performance from a shared storage platform
  • Create VMware ESXi high availability clusters

Sign up here for a personal demo at VMworld and see how CloudByte ElastiStor is right for you.

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