CloudByte’s storage software products deliver dynamically selectable performance for each and every application or tenant in unified storage on commodity hardware at cloud scale for service providers and enterprises.

Capabilities to define new classes of service

Our software provides metering based on IOPS per volume or per VM and eliminates the “noisy neighbor” problem of legacy storage architectures.

Customer on-boarding is both faster and easier

CloudByte enables ready onboarding of your customers without complex storage calculations and without the intervention of storage experts.

Scale-up / Scale-down performance on the fly

Performance can be elastically scaled higher or lower on demand. The impact of the performance change is immediately measured and viewable.

Service Providers

The need for on-demand, flexible, performance-driven cloud storage is escalating like never before. With CloudByte you can guarantee storage performance to your customers, enabling them to quickly and confidently move more applications to the cloud, and allowing you to offer profitable new services.

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You are facing rising storage costs, stretched resources, and an IT infrastructure that can’t flex with your needs. With CloudByte, you can specify storage performance for every application, minimize your costs and maximize your ROI with fully shared storage, simplified management, and full hardware flexibility.

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